David Chiu

Associate Professor, Computer Science
University of Puget Sound
Thompson Hall 303 | dchiu@pugetsound.edu

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My research interests intersect topics in cloud computing and data management. I’m working with collaborators on several problems involving sustainable computing and data centers. Specifically, we’re involved in understanding the data center’s role in dynamic energy markets. We are also exploring the tradeoffs between energy, performance, and utilization costs for HPC and data-intensive processing. Finally, I’m passionate about CS education, and specifically, how we can help introductory students think critically about their algorithms before diving into implementation.

Research Profiles

Current Projects

(See: Conference Publishing Standards for Computer Science from CRA)

Bitmap Indexing for Data-Intensive Processing

Completed Projects

Power Management in Distributed Systems

Modeling and Resource Allocation for Data-Intensive Cloud Applications

Elastic Cloud Caching for Accelerating Data-Intensive Applications

Scientific Workflow Management in Cloud/Grid Environments

Mining Data Streams

Education Technologies and CS Pedagogy

PhD Dissertation

Research Awards